The Preview

All of my video packages include a 1 minute teaser video - think of it like a preview or movie trailer to the story of your day. Unlike the highlight reels which typically use 1-2 full songs and audio of vows etc - teasers are short, sweet, and set to music only. I wanted to start the story with the teaser from their wedding however you'll find

the full wedding highlight reel at the very bottom

The Venue

Can I be honest? Barn South is my absolute favorite Georgia wedding venue. One of the key benefits of Barn South from a photography perspective is its versatility. With both indoor and outdoor spaces, I have the freedom to explore a wide range of compositions and settings. Inside - the white paint is perfect for reflecting light which is abundant in the space due to beautiful windows throughout. When the sunsets, the chandeliers provide the perfect intimate lighting. Outdoors, besides the beautiful fields and the barn exterior of course - they have a vintage airstream! Perfect for portraits and some unique getting ready photos - it's my favorite aspect of Barn South.

Getting Ready

This charming venue offered a unique experience for the couple, with the groom getting ready in a vintage Airstream and the bride surrounded by her 10 lovely bridesmaids in the luxurious bridal suite they had decorated with balloons. I captured candid shots of Mike and his groomsmen celebrating with custom flasks as well as the close details like adjusting his bowtie. The Airstream is my favorite place on the property honestly - so unique!

The Ceremony

As the processional began, my videographer and I positioned ourselves at the front, near the altar. This angle allowed me to capture the entrance of the wedding party with guests reactions shown as well as more of a wide angle, as well as Mike's and his son's adorable reaction as they saw Caprice walking down the aisle for the first time.

Simultaneously, the my second photographer, Shalyn positioned themselves at the back of the aisle. This angle provided perfect lighting as the only shade was at the very entrance, and a more intimate photograph without guests around yet. During the first kiss, I stationed myself almost right where the officiant had been previously standing. This angle showed both the beauty of the Barn South's architecture, featuring the couple as the centerpiece against the charming backdrop of the venue, as well as the reactions of the audience, witnessing the magic of love unfolding before their eyes. Meanwhile, Shalyn positioned themselves at the center aisle, facing the altar, perfect for capturing the moment from a vertical, intimate and classic perspective.

Formal Portraits

Honestly, everyone on the Allyamore team loves capturing candid moments over posed portraits however they're still essential, a necessity really. Beyond the serious poses, I love to infuse fun and spontaneity into the wedding party photos. Whether it was the bridesmaids posing with the groom or the groomsmen admiring the brides ring, these moments showcased the strong bond between the couple and their closest friends. It's in these moments of genuine laughter and affection that the true spirit of the wedding party shines through - even in a "pose". While we waited in between groups of family members to be ready - I took some bridals of Caprice. I always take every opportunity to grab extra portraits of the bride and groom - after the formal portraits ended I had Mike dip Caprice quickly and share a kiss while we were outdoors - as I knew the sun would only be this bright for an airy photo at this time - and later would have a dimmer, sunset look.

The Reception

The reception started well before sunset, with plenty of natural light beaming through the windows of Barn South. Mike & Caprice's fun entrance with their large wedding party has noticeably different lighting (natural) vs after sunset when flash is required. As the newlyweds took to the dance floor for their first dance, the soft lighting added an ethereal touch, framing them in a romantic embrace that seemed to transport them to their own little world.

The Sunset

During the reception we of course had to get some sunset portraits done! Sunset is the most amazing time for photo or video honestly - a dreamy perfect kiss of light. We started at the Airstream, for these I may generally say where to stand and give a "starter pose" but then I want you to forget I am there. No staring at the camera and smiling with me - I want you both to talk, laugh, relax, live, love. We finished with the last little bit of sun left in front of the barn for a super intimate feel - like they were the only ones there in such a vast beautiful space. We always try to get these done both with photo and video within 30 minutes max so you both can get back to your reception!