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I want to tell you a little about myself and of course answer any questions!

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The Team

Over the years I have worked with many photographers and videographers, and we always relied on each other if either of us needed a second shooter. As I expanded into video as well as photo and demand grew, I wanted to include my team a bit more consistently and be able to give the Amore experience to even more brides while never having to charge travel fees. A consistent solid team was crucial - I didn't want to be like the big companies who outsource and you often don't know who your photographer is until a week or 2 before. It's taken me awhile but I am proud to say I have an amazing team of photographers and videographers throughout the east coast and the south (Vandreena, Mark, Amgad, Shaylan, Katherine, Cassie, Farris & Cristina)! Everyone on my team shares the same style, aesthetic, and work ethic as me. From the initial consultation, to my wedding guide with timeline and tips, to our final zoom meeting with the full team - we love being a part of your planning leading up to your big day!

Fun Facts About Me

  • I'm a boy mom! He's old enough to not interrupt my zoom meetings with you but not old enough to be my assistant......yet
  • California girl - whose lived in NY and currently resides in Georgia. I've lived all over and adore traveling everywhere - my son is the only thing keeping me from being a true nomad in an RV.
  • When I'm not traveling or filming, I'm usually painting, drinking either an iced chai from Starbucks or a margarita, listening to podcasts or Beyonce, and eating tacos. Most of the time I do all of the above simultaneously while editing.

I am excited to get to know you! You may find more information about me, my team, and pricing under the "FAQ" section of my website! Please inquire using the contact form below, you will receive a response email from me within 24 hours. I will typically send a quick questionnaire to discover how I can best serve you and when would be a good time to meet and chat! I love to communicate however you prefer, wether that's strictly email, or a quick phone call, even text! After the questionnaire is completed you will receive a wedding guide with more helpful information as well as your quote before our phone consultation!

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