Hi! I'm Ally

I saw your post and would love to be considered to work with you!

" I need someone comfortable with the groomsmen"

"Must have attention to detail"

"Must be experienced with flash indoors/outdoors"

"Must have a full frame with dual slots & primes"

Besides what's listed below, I'm probably Apeturents biggest customer. I frequently rent the Sony FX30, Sony 85 1.8 or 1.4GM, and Tamron 17-28 2.8 lenses depending on the job - but I can rent any camera or lens etc requested.

Videography Solo Shooting Samples


  • Associate Videographer
  • Associate Photographer
  • Second Videographer
  • Second Photographer
  • Assistant and/or Behind the scenes

Rates are negotiable however I typically receive $25/hr for assisting, $50/hr for second shooting either photo or video, $100/hr for associate (lead) shooting

either photo or video

I will show up 15 minutes before the call time of the event. I always photograph in RAW with a dual slot camera. The lead photographer can either provide SD cards to me or I can provide my own. At the end of the event, the SD cards will be given to the lead photographer. If the SD cards belong to me, I will send via dropbox. 

I also photograph using a dual card slot. This way there will be a backup for the lead photographer if there are any issues with the SD cards, theirs or mine. I have been thankful a couple times already where this has been a lifesaver to them. 

While working with me I am at your service. Some leads like to photograph the couple images and the family portraits by themselves while I cover candids at cocktail hour. Others like for me to be with them to call out names and help organize the family portraits or to have different camera angles when photographing the bridal parties and couples. Either way, I will work with you to make your day easier. 

I’m comfortable working together or completely independent of the lead photographer. 

Overall, I represent you and your studio brand with the upmost customer service to your clients just like they are my own.