The ceremony is usually the main reason you book a wedding photographer! The entrance down the aisle. The all important first look of the bride if not done ahead of time. Any ceremonies such as the unity candle, sand pouring and more. The exchanging of rings, vows, etc. The ceremony is such a quick moment of your day, usually under an hour, however the memories are timeless. Besides photos, all video coverage of weddings include full ceremony footage.


Weddings are an amazing time to capture not only portraits of yourselves, the bride and groom, but also family and friends! Wedding party portraits can be serious and fun at the same time, make lasting memories with your closest friends! Family portraits at weddings allow you to remember what usually is quite a family reunion, for years to come. Portraits are timeless and can be framed, used as wall art with canvas, metal and more. All wedding packages include a free print, and as your wedding photographer I usually recommend portraits to be printed.

The Reception

The reception is honestly one of my favorite parts as wedding photographer! Such a fun celebration, I am able to capture both happy candids amongst friends and family as well as a few portraits during moments such as the cake cutting. Candids during the reception are some of my favorite photos because they truly capture the energy of the moment, the happiness, the memories being made.