Getting Ready

Maryland is a beautiful state known for its lush greenery and picturesque landscapes. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are countless options for stunning outdoor venues. However, sometimes the best venue is right in your own backyard. That's exactly what Rachel and JB decided to do for their wedding. They transformed their backyard in Maryland into a magical wedding venue, complete with trees, a tented ceremony and reception area, and lots of space for their guests to enjoy. They got ready for the day inside the home JB grew up in, the couch they sat on before prom and piano he learned to play on. Me and Savannah split up capturing Rachel and JB.

First Look

As a traveling wedding photographer, always research new venues and plan out locations - this was no exception being a private residence! Rachel expressed concerns that the room would be to "crowded and old" for beautiful getting ready photos, I had her text me an image, we moved a mirror and a table and it was perfect. When I arrived, I was immediately struck by the natural beauty of the backyard. The trees provided the perfect backdrop for the first look. Me and Savannah positioned JB and Rachel for the first look, then positioned ourselves to get different angles of the event as it happened. Kashan, positioned himself next to me so we can capture the primary angle on both photo/video, with savannah focusing on a secondary angle. 


When it comes to capturing family portraits at a wedding, having two photographers can be incredibly helpful. One photographer can focus on capturing the main portrait, while the other can capture candid moments between family members or help with posing and lighting. During Rachel and JB's wedding, my second shooter and I worked together to capture their family portraits. We chose the tree line as a backdrop as the trees provided a beautiful and natural setting that complemented the overall aesthetic of the wedding. We moved inside the home for a few newlywed portraits as the home has so much sentimental value to them as high school sweethearts!


The tented ceremony and reception area provided a cozy and intimate setting for Rachel and JB's wedding. The dance floor, located in the center of the tent, served as the stage for the ceremony. While the ceremony took place, my second photographer, my videographer, and I worked together to capture every moment from different angles. It was important to stay out of each other's shots while still capturing all the important details of the ceremony. We communicated with each other throughout the ceremony to ensure that we were able to capture every moment without getting in each other's way. It required a lot of communication and awareness of each other's positions, but we were able to work together seamlessly to create a beautiful and comprehensive record of the ceremony.

Sunset Portraits

Sunset portraits are a fantastic way to add a touch of magic to your wedding photography. Not only do they provide a beautiful backdrop, but they also offer a romantic and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for capturing some of the most stunning and memorable photos of the day. If you're looking for a way to make your wedding photos stand out, then sunset portraits are definitely worth considering.

The Reception

A backyard wedding reception is a great opportunity to capture candid moments because of the relaxed and informal atmosphere. People are more likely to let their guard down and be themselves, which makes for some great photographic opportunities. Candid photography can capture the essence of the day and the emotions of your loved ones.

The Movie

Kashan was the videographer of the day, from getting ready to reception he captured every moment alongside 2 photographers, never getting in each others way. This intimate backyard wedding was a beautiful story to tell and we wanted to focus on the emotion of the moment and the love between Rachel and JB as opposed to a lot of details/venue shots etc.